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{Kitchen Diaries} Autumn Edition

It’s November, which means I am officially starting my countdown to Christmas! Since we don’t actually celebrate Thanksgiving holiday here, we’re jumping right into festive, Christmas-y baking before the last week of November arrives. It’s my favourite time of the year and I’m super excited to make the recipes I have planned for Christmas already, …

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Pineapple Tarts for a Lunar New Year’s treat

The Lunar New Year comes rather early this year, at the tails of my birthday no less! We’ve hardly had any time to breathe and properly digest all the birthday food and suddenly here comes the New Year food. Though I must admit, we don’t celebrate the Lunar New Year as much as the other …

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If you have an apple and I have an apple, how ’bout some pies?

I have very mixed feelings when it comes to apples. I really don’t like to eat them (well, not unless there’s a bit of peanut butter smudged over them). But apple juice is one of my favourite juices, and apple-flavoured candies and drinks, even candied apples, are always welcome to me. I also happen to …