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{Dearly Dreaming Dorie} Flakiness is occasionally a good thing

And by that, I most definitely am not referring to people. Flaky people are one of the worst, and I don’t even want to go into detail because that would have to be a whole blog post on its own (I’ve got a lot of experience from my university days, believe me). But flaky pastries? …

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Belated First Blogiversary Purple Ombré Cake

What is the punishment for forgetting your blogiversary, I wonder. Do you get banned from tasting your future creations, or get cursed with really bad food photographs? I certainly hope not! Well, I started my blog on the 5th of February last year (World Nutella Day too apparently), but all this time, I thought it …

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{Countdown to Christmas} Of Linzer Sables and snow

I’ve always wondered about snow. The only time I was ever in a country with snow, it had already fallen and was beginning to melt away on the ground, leaving only wet, icy signs that it was ever there. I want to see it falling on me at least once in my lifetime, and then …