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Japanese food overload, Part II: Getting a taste of the ramen craze

9163176800 06a3db627d b - Japanese food overload, Part II: Getting a taste of the ramen craze

Continuing from part I of my recent Japanese eats round-up, I hope you all are ready for more mouth-watering dishes! One of the most recent trends to hit Metro Manila lately is the ramen craze. Ramen places have been popping up like daisies, and yet there is always a loooong line of people waiting to …

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Japanese food overload, Part I: Sushi, rolls, and more sushi!

Screen Shot 2013 09 03 at 10.08.25 PM - Japanese food overload, Part I: Sushi, rolls, and more sushi!

Aside from the fact that I haven’t baked in two weeks (!!!), I’m too tired to check on my backlogs and write a recipe post, so I decided to just write a ‘What I’ve Been Eating Lately’ post. I noticed a little pattern with the restaurants we’ve been eating in lately; a pattern that I …

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Breakfast- well, lunch- at Antonio’s

8924165706 eb3a3a3274 b - Breakfast- well, lunch- at Antonio's

I’ve been wanting some time off lately because life has secretly been driving me crazy, so when my family told me they were planning to go up to Tagaytay over the weekend, I decided to come along. No Internet, nothing to remind me about work… Something about being away from the city relaxes the soul …

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Dimsum overload at Hyatt Manila’s Li Li Restaurant + a special treat for readers

8713414543 122a5dcb01 b - Dimsum overload at Hyatt Manila's Li Li Restaurant + a special treat for readers

The Hyatt Hotel is one of Manila’s grandest and for me one of the more accessible five-star hotels in the metro. I live maybe 20 minutes away, and after this luncheon I had, I began wondering why we didn’t visit the restaurants here a little more. I was invited to an intimate lunch at Li …

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What I’ve Been Eating Lately

Screen Shot 2013 09 03 at 10.39.26 PM - What I've Been Eating Lately

A little busy this week so I didn’t have time to edit photos for a post, but rest assured a yummy one is coming up on the blog in the next day or so. So instead, I thought I’d do a W.I.B.E.L. post featuring my favourites from the meals I’ve had recently. 🙂 I attended …

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Experiencing Yabu’s authentic katsu

Screen Shot 2013 09 04 at 7.42.25 PM - Experiencing Yabu's authentic katsu

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a fan of anything fried. In fact, I don’t eat them quite often. But during the times that I do, they have to be worth my stomach space. That’s where Yabu: House of Katsu comes in. I’ve been hearing about this restaurant from some of my …

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Some of my favourite things to eat

This week is kind of a busy week for me, so I’ll post about what I’ve been eating instead of what I’ve been making for today. (I’m so happy that the iPhone takes lovely impromptu restaurant food pictures.) Hopefully I’ll get something yummy up before the end of the week. Well, I don’t know if …

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{Random Eats} Eating around a 10k run

Lunch a week before the run: Oody’s Thai Rice, Noodles & Bar {2nd Floor, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center Makati City, Philippines} ~~~ Dinner a few days before the run: Tao Yuan Sharksfin and Seafood Restaurant {2nd Floor, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Reina Regente, Binondo, Metro Manila, Philippines} ~~~ Breakfast after the run: Pancake House {Nationwide} ~~~ …