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A first encounter leading to this Cacao Nib Coffeecake [VIDEO]

Lately I’ve been hankering for coffee so much it’s not even funny anymore. After drinking some during breakfast early in the morning, I’m already itching for another glass around mid-morning. I wonder if the thought of having so many kinds of coffee stashed at home is causing this. Nonetheless, bless all the people who gifted …

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Pavlova topped with cream and fruits make for a beautiful Christmas dessert [VIDEO]

For my final collab with Breville Philippines, I decided to make something that would showcase another facet of the Breville Scraper Mixer Pro. You might remember from my review last week that this high-powered mixer has a good number of tools included in the box, but so far I have two favourites. Previously, I posted …

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Of friendship and dimsum + How to make Homemade Dumplings [VIDEO]

Dimsum– quite possibly one of the best things about living in Asia. Also one of the best things about living in a country where there are so many excellent Chinese/Cantonese restaurants. I can eat a whole meal comprised of just these steamed wonders. Dimsum has always been a favourite of mine since childhood, but lately I …