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Muffins with a crown of Nutella for World Nutella Day this year [VIDEO]

Nutella PB Banana Muffins 1 1 - Muffins with a crown of Nutella for World Nutella Day this year [VIDEO]

Well what do you know, I’m actually posting something Nutella-related on World Nutella Day! I know a lot of other food bloggers are probably celebrating with more fancy Nutella goodies today, so perhaps my humble muffins could be a breath of fresh air. I always thought that this recipe was a great way to kind …

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What could be better than a chocolate chip cookie?

Let’s see… A year-long vacation in Europe? Winning the lottery? Having insanely fast metabolism? World peace? Okay, okay, so maybe there are a ton of things that may outshine even the shadow of the idea of cookies– unless perhaps you love them to the moon and back– but do you know another thing that’s even …

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Banana Nutella Squares born out of excitement

If you’re a reading fiend like me you probably have an obscene amount of books lying around in your room. My shelves are filled with novels in different genres, cookbooks, and even magazines. Despite that I still always have this need to buy any title that captures my interest, whether or not I’ve finished reading …

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{Christmas Countdown 2013} Chocolate, Banana, and Nutella in a Cupcake + ways to frost cupcakes [VIDEO]

11148377113 ac58e7cdf0 b 1 - {Christmas Countdown 2013} Chocolate, Banana, and Nutella in a Cupcake + ways to frost cupcakes [VIDEO]

They say the spirit of Christmas manifests itself in people who prefer to give rather than to receive; those who whole-heartedly and excitedly give gifts just for the satisfaction of a smile from loved ones. With that in mind, I decided to have this year’s Christmas Countdown recipes focus on well-loved giftable treats. Although I …

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Driving slow on Sunday mornings

I needed to borrow a line from Maroon 5 because it perfectly describes the Sundays I’ve been spending this last month and a half. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’re probably sick of hearing me complain about how tired I’ve been recently. Sorry, guys. There just have been weeks when I feel …

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Making the easiest ice cream ever

Where have I been these past few days? Well, it’s been crazy. I contemplated taking a hiatus from blogging, but that would be the absolute worst thing I can do for myself, especially at a time like this. I don’t want to give up all the things that keep me sane. I’m firm in my …

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Of long-lasting friendships and not-so-long-lasting cupcakes

This is a story about a boy named Gilbert. He’s our resident culture boy; the multilingual dictionary we consult when we want to learn new foreign words. He absolutely loves India and its culture, and I’m convinced he had been Indian during his past life. But most of all, he’s one of my longest-standing friends. …

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Going no-frills for World Nutella Day

I had imagined all manners of extravagance for my first World Nutella Day offering, and even though what I have cooked up today is rather simple, it is in no way plain in flavour. And quite frankly, if this is the sort of breakfast one wakes up to everyday, perhaps even the late risers would …