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Baked Matcha Doughnuts for my Japan Hangover

A week ago I took a trip with my Dad to the land of the rising sun and I flew back just this weekend. And I already really REALLY want to go back. I’ve honestly never felt such a profound urge to go back to any country I’ve just recently visited before this one, but I guess I …

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Into the macaron bandwagon, and I don’t want to get out

Macarons are probably one of the easiest things a person can fall in love with. The endless possibilities in shell and filling combinations is mind-blowing, and whatever combination in colour and flavour one chooses, the results will almost always be a guaranteed winner. I mean just look at how adorable these things are! Making macarons …

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Hi chocolate, it’s nice to matcha!

Did I really just write that title? I’m sorry. So I finally managed to track down some matcha powder some weeks ago, and unfortunately it’s not the sort I’m looking for. It seems like a really mild type of matcha. From what I’ve been seeing in photos, the concentrated one has a greener hue; and …