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Into the macaron bandwagon, and I don’t want to get out

Macarons are probably one of the easiest things a person can fall in love with. The endless possibilities in shell and filling combinations is mind-blowing, and whatever combination in colour and flavour one chooses, the results will almost always be a guaranteed winner. I mean just look at how adorable these things are! Making macarons …

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A semblance of Lemon Macarons + I need a new oven

I’m officially obsessed. I want to make every macaron flavor in the Universe– every odd, outrageous, and wonderful flavor known to man– and file all the really memorable ones into my repertoire. But right now I have to experiment with recipes and techniques to find the ones that produce consistent results for me. And then …

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Two bits of good news

You guys!!!!!!! I did it. I made macarons!!!!! With feet!!!!! On my first try!!!!! Now on a typical day, seeing this much exclamation points would make me cringe, but not today. Because apparently the only way I can describe my feelings about this success is: !!!!!!! In hindsight I kind of wish I had spent …