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Amazing orange-chocolate cookies featuring Villa del Conte’s Chocolates

Have I introduced you to one of my new favourite cookies ever in the whole wide world? No? Well, here’s your chance to meet. These amazing chocolate chip cookies have three kinds of chocolate inside, PLUS essence of orange, PLUS sea salt. If you’ve been eating a lot of chocolate desserts (or just really good …

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What could be better than a chocolate chip cookie?

Let’s see… A year-long vacation in Europe? Winning the lottery? Having insanely fast metabolism? World peace? Okay, okay, so maybe there are a ton of things that may outshine even the shadow of the idea of cookies– unless perhaps you love them to the moon and back– but do you know another thing that’s even …

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Chocolate chip cookie memories + a VIDEO TUTORIAL for beginners!

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We all start somewhere, that very first point of memory which all our subsequent memories build upon. I remember when I first discovered baking, there were only two things I was adamant to make: cupcakes because they were oh-so-cute and endless in terms of flavour and creativity; and then there was the chocolate chip cookie. …