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Lutong Macau restaurant- a new favourite

The awesome thing about food blogging is how the freedom to embrace all manners of food can actually be immortalized in a post. From recipes to restaurants to even the most random interesting food items, I think I’ve enjoyed discovering them more than I used to knowing I have a place to share it with …

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Dimsum overload at Hyatt Manila’s Li Li Restaurant + a special treat for readers

8713414543 122a5dcb01 b - Dimsum overload at Hyatt Manila's Li Li Restaurant + a special treat for readers

The Hyatt Hotel is one of Manila’s grandest and for me one of the more accessible five-star hotels in the metro. I live maybe 20 minutes away, and after this luncheon I had, I began wondering why we didn’t visit the restaurants here a little more. I was invited to an intimate lunch at Li …