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A spooky to sweet Halloween transformation with #loveSnR

Ahh tis the season for fake fangs and candies! When I was a kid I always wondered what it was like to experience Halloween doing the whole shebang. The whole dressing up thing just to go trick or treating seemed so appealing at the time. While I eventually outgrew those fantasies there’s something I never …

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Fresh-from-the-garden mint and chocolate truffle cookies

How much of our lives are driven by fantasy? I’m not talking about delusions by the way. I’m referring to what most other people call hopes and dreams. With the popularity of Instagram feeds that make you go all I-want-that-life, to the even more impossibly lovely things you can come across on Pinterest, it’s almost …

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Cookies that are the good kind of hot

Why don’t we discuss what exactly is the wrong kind of hot? Well for one, the weather in Manila right now falls under that category. I just read in the news that the temperature will only go higher in the next few days, so I guess the city is only in the preheat stage. (I am not looking …