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Celebrating with these Lunar New Year Almond Cookies

Ahh Lunar New Year, the time of lanterns, red dragons, and all things round! Right now, I’m pretty sure there are dragon dances occurring simultaneously in different parts of Chinatown. In fact, some of them will probably be passing by our office street today, to keep things loud and festive with the beat of the …

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{Dearly Dreaming Dorie} Of things fair and golden

The first thing I ever baked when I got my copy of Dorie’s book (not counting the recipe I found online before I actually bought her book), if I’m not mistaken, was her Lenox Almond Biscotti. It caught my attention because, for one thing, I hadn’t made biscotti in a while, and for another, they looked …

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{Dearly Dreaming Dorie} Cobblers and Thumbprint Cookies

So I’ve recently been going through Dorie Greenspan’s Baking: From My Home To Yours. I just finished reading the whole book last night, and it’s no surprise that I’ve bookmarked almost every recipe! I can understand why Dorie’s book is a must have. Every recipe seems well thought out and homey, literally something you would enjoy …