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February 2017 Japanese Snack Haul from Sapporo [Vol. 3]

Another trip, another snack haul! In case you didn’t know, getting to haul packaged foods like these from Japan and South Korea is one of the things that excites me the most about traveling there. Asian snacks are THE BEST! From the lovely packaging alone you already feel the anticipation to tear it open and …

Eat or Retreat, Product Reviews

Eat or Retreat: Baldo’s Bacon Jam in Original & With A Kick

Bacon Jam. Not a new idea to me by any means, but I have to admit I never really found myself clamouring to try it. I’m not big on bacon you see (yes my kind does exist) but I do enjoy it occasionally. When these cute little bottles of Baldo’s Bacon Jam fell into my …

Eat or Retreat, Product Reviews

Eat or Retreat: McCormick’s Instant Asian Noodles

There’s a relatively new player in the instant noodle game, and it comes in the form of McCormick’s Noodle and Seasoning Mix line. I was actually quite surprised when I spotted these awhile back as I was walking down the supermarket aisle, and the surprise quickly turned into curiosity. I don’t normally buy instant packs …