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These Matcha Financiers will make teatime even classier

Sometimes, friends are the antidote to stress and fatigue. Last weekend I went out with two of my close high school friends and I realized that it has been AGES since I’ve done any of that. I’ve been so drained from work lately (how many times have I mentioned this?) and this little meet-up proved …

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My not-so-green Green Tea Madeleines and my blogger blues

My posts have been rather disappointingly sparse since the year started. At first I had thought it was just because I was tired, or my grandmother’s death had thrown me off my equilibrium, but today I think I realized something different. Or maybe it’s something I’ve been silently aware of for a while; a ghost …

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The art of being okay + Lemon-Glazed Madeleines

Lately my work life has been spiralling out of control. I am so exhausted every single day that I find very little motivation, let alone the energy, to do the things I love. When I come home, I take a shower and try to write or blog and before I can even come up with …