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Remembering Buwan ng Wika with this quick Palitaw recipe [VIDEO]

Palitaw 1 - Remembering Buwan ng Wika with this quick Palitaw recipe [VIDEO]

It’s a real shame when things don’t go as planned. I had this whole thing set in my head. I wanted to fill my blog this month of August with all things Filipino-related, just because it was the Buwan ng Wika– the Filipino language month. Apart from this Palitaw recipe, I had a list of …

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Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls Recipe, as seen through the Huawei P9

Vietnamese Spring Rolls 1 - Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls Recipe, as seen through the Huawei P9

As someone who enjoys cooking, one of my greatest dreams has always been to have a home garden. I always imagine myself stepping out through the kitchen door and into a backyard to pick some tomatoes, maybe some fat juicy bell peppers. It would be nice to be able to just pluck a piece of …

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Creamy Chicken Adobo recipe at home with Nestle All Purpose Cream

Nestle Creamy Chicken Adobo 1 - Creamy Chicken Adobo recipe at home with Nestle All Purpose Cream

The Nestle All Purpose Cream #CreateWithCream event I attended last July 9 has done nothing but inspire me to cook up a storm. While I’m typically in the kitchen baking during my free time, these days I surprise even myself with how I feel twice more motivated to cook. Obviously one of the things I’ve …

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Getting a sweet fix with some Homemade Matcha Nama Chocolate

My absolute favourite treat to bring home from Japan is without a doubt Royce’s Nama Chocolates. When we get to the airport, it’s an automatic impulse for me to grab a box or two of Champagne and Matcha-flavoured Nama Chocolates. I don’t even have to think about it, especially since the exact same Royce chocolates …

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New favourite Japanese snacks, December 2015 edition [Vol. 2]

By now I think most people have heard about the most recent earthquakes that have created such destruction in Japan and Ecuador. This post is my way of showing solidarity during these difficult times. My prayers go out to all those who have been affected by the earthquake, both in Japan and Ecuador. I’ve only …

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My favourite Sesame Soba topped with sweet-spicy salmon

When it comes to food, there are few things I love more than Asian noodles. It doesn’t matter which country in Asia it’s from or whether there’s soup or not– if it’s a noodle dish I’ll eat it. (For pasta I’m a little pickier since I don’t generally eat white sauce, but I also adore …

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Let’s cook Kimchi Fried Rice with the help of Petron Gasul!

As a home cook and baker, one of my major concerns has always been safety in the kitchen especially when it comes to my stove and oven. You know how sometimes you’re switching your oven off like it’s second nature without really thinking about it, and then you leave the house, are in your car …

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A quick Bibimbap recipe to curb sudden cravings

I am a huge fan of Korean dramas. I think at the moment, South Korea produces the best dramas in Asia, and somehow, despite the fact that some of the core themes and elements get recycled from drama to drama, the actors can covey them differently and the writers find a way to put a …