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Recipes from my favourite cookbooks.

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These brownies have changed the way I feel about brownies

Happy new year, everyone! How fast did 2014 zoom past?! I actually feel a bit like I accomplished nothing the past year because of the way I constantly lost track of time. I have a lot of high hopes for this year though, mostly in the way of personal productivity and improvement. And not to …

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Nursing my sudden Bali nostalgia with Balinese-style Fried Chicken

15711092546 feb8c5eb0e b 1 - Nursing my sudden Bali nostalgia with Balinese-style Fried Chicken

My trip to Bali happened last February, and while that seems like ages ago, at the same time it still feels so fresh in my mind. Guess that’s nostalgia for you. It hit me like a wave that washed over my whole being as I was writing my Bali travel diary and editing my travel …

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Easy Nasi Goreng at home

It’s been several weeks since I started prepping for a series of travel diaries featuring Bali, Indonesia, and I’m happy to say that apart from the video I’m just about ready to write about it now. My friend Gilbert would be dancing in his seat right now after reading that phrase because I’m a bazillion …

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The charms of a garden-grown ice cream

Let me tell you a little story I was supposed to tell you with a ton of pictures, which as I mentioned in two posts already, got corrupted when my memory card failed me. Anyway, this story is all about the first time ever I bought myself a bag of pine nuts. (Bag? Psssh! What …

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My favourite way to candy nuts

I don’t know of anyone who dislikes candied nuts. Even someone like me who doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth will take a bag of candied nuts from a crying child any day. Okay maybe not from a child, especially when said child is crying, but I would not hesitate for a second to …

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A revelation in the form of liquid buttermilk

I took a bit of an unplanned break from this space for a few days and I have a very valid reason. I was hit on the head with an anvil eureka moment, you see. It’s been a while since an idea impressed itself upon me with such force and clarity that I simply couldn’t …

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So I bought a pack of marzipan, Part 1

While I was walking around Rustan’s Supermarket one time I was drawn towards the very pretty Waitrose shelf. I guess it couldn’t be helped. Everything on that shelf is soooo prettily packaged, though admittedly it does not fall under the affordable category. Yet my eyes were captured by this shiny gold foil that stuck out like the proverbial sore …

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Happy days and Homemade Chicken Inasal

I really have to learn how to balance my travel diaries to encompass more documentations of food. Whenever I go exploring in a new place, I seem to get so excited over the sights that I kind of forget to chronicle the food. It was no different for my Bacolod trip. You can in fact …