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Great meals at Cyma + an attempt at Moussaka

You know those days when you get a hankering for a specific cuisine or food, and you feel that you absolutely have to eat it? Anybody who gets sucked into that unforgiving vortex of craving often will agree that it is usually such a comfort to have some sort of go-to place to satiate your hunger. Personally …

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The Cambodian dish I forgot to try because I was too busy loving the temples

13310024583 f5fac24191 b 1 - The Cambodian dish I forgot to try because I was too busy loving the temples

My visit to Siem Reap last year completely whisked me into another dimension. In my mind’s eye I walked among the Khmer people as they bustled about in the marketplace. The women hurry from one stall to another, the bells sewn on their intricate dresses clinking in rhythm to the crunch of grass under their …

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Healthy Veggie Curry and the wonders of Coconut Oil

I know for a fact that a lot of people are becoming more aware of what it means to be healthy these days. Most of the time the lifestyle shift starts with food control, and I often hear newly health-conscious people talk about participating in the new insert-inventor’s-name-here diet craze. I really don’t believe in crash …

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Random days of salsa

I’m going to keep this post short, because really, I’m not sure what else I can actually say about salsa– except perhaps that they have such a striking combination of colours that make them perfect for photographing. Thus the abundance of photos in this entry. One of the best parts about making salsas and dips, …