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A perfectly filling US Potatoes and Eggs Breakfast Casserole to kick-start your day

P E Breakfast Casserole 1 - A perfectly filling US Potatoes and Eggs Breakfast Casserole to kick-start your day

Over the years, potatoes have gained a negative image among the health conscious, and I think it’s high time for an eye-opening moment courtesy of Potatoes USA. Some people make them sound like calorie monsters when actually, one medium-sized US potato contains only 110 calories. Add to that, these tubers are fat-free, sodium-free, and cholesterol-free …

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Brighter mornings with Shakshouka and Quaker Good Start Oat Dairy Drink

I’ve talked a lot of times about my love for breakfast, but I have to say, this might be my favourite breakfast dish for 2015. Shakshouka has been something I’ve wanted to make for a long time, but I kept waiting and waiting until I got myself a cast-iron skillet thinking this was the only …

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Say hello to my new obsession– baked eggs!

Actually I have another three new obsessions that are unrelated to baked eggs that I really want to talk about first, just to start this post off a little differently.  Has anybody seen this new TV series called Agent Carter? The Agent Carter that was Captain America’s first love. The show stars the very beautiful …

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Happy Chinese New Year 2014 + some January food discoveries

I contemplated whether or not to write about Lunar New Year this year because I just wasn’t in the mood for it. This is my first Lunar New Year without my grandma and her absence could not be more magnified at this moment. Back when she was still around, CNY was one of the busiest days …