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Happy days and Homemade Chicken Inasal

I really have to learn how to balance my travel diaries to encompass more documentations of food. Whenever I go exploring in a new place, I seem to get so excited over the sights that I kind of forget to chronicle the food. It was no different for my Bacolod trip. You can in fact …

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A place for pizza in my memories

Lately I haven’t been feeling my regular energies when it comes to food blogging. I guess you could say I’m still within the transition period from grieving to full acceptance after my grandma’s passing. I’m feeling blue and melancholy most days. Some days there’s this heavy soul-deep tiredness too, which I choose to keep hidden …

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{Built from Scratch} Chicken Parmesan Burgers with Garlic Fries

While I was thinking about which of my recipes in my backlog to post first, I had an idea: I wanted to make a segment for the blog that would incorporate several recipes from scratch to create one full delicious meal. Burgers seemed like a pretty good starting point, even though to be honest, I’m …