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Let this Apple Pie Pizza capture your pizza-loving heart

Apple Pie Pizza 1 - Let this Apple Pie Pizza capture your pizza-loving heart

Pizza is without a doubt one of the best inventions on the planet, but as far as comfort food goes, pie comes in a close second. So to whoever invented this Apple Pie Pizza at King Arthur Flour, hats off to you for fusing two awesome things in one! It’s been a while since I …

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Second chance Matcha Pie using Matcha King’s Ceremonial Matcha

Matcha Pie 1 - Second chance Matcha Pie using Matcha King's Ceremonial Matcha

Today’s Matcha Pie recipe makes me think about second chances. Sometimes I feel like we’re given a fair amount of them in our lifetime. In an ideal world, we’ll always notice when we’re being pushed into a second chance: We’ll recognize being there again in the same situation, and know that we’re being given another …

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Appreciating the little things with these Baked Curry Hand Pies

Pie’s reputation as one of the world’s favourite comfort foods is not unwarranted. And let me tell you, after seeing Waitress on Broadway during my trip to New York two weeks ago I have never wanted to stuff my face with pie more than while I was sitting in the theatre, watching Jessie Mueller’s character …

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A dreamy Chicken Curry Pot Pie in my pretty KitchenAid Casserole

I am in love with my KitchenAid 4-Piece Nesting Casserole Set. This is going to be the first of two posts about it this week, because I have been finding ways to use any which one of the ceramic casseroles whenever a recipe calls for some sort of deep baking dish. It’s such a versatile …

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An Italian Ricotta Pie to complete your Easter table

One of my resolutions for this year was to make my choices more diverse in terms of the recipes I cook and bake. I wanted to get a taste of unique things from different parts of the globe, and for a second just not get all nitpick-y about the “authenticity” of a recipe. I’ve been …

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Have a Puff Pastry Straw party with bacon, cheese, and rosemary

If an encyclopedia enumerating all the possible flavours for puff pastry straws exists in the world, someone please send me one. Or at the very least point me in the direction of it! It’s funny how much my brothers and I enjoyed this particular puff pastry straw, considering we’re not some alien species or a …

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Mediterranean “spring rolls” + wishing for a touch of spring

It’s incredibly hot. There’s a perennial flurry of dust on the sidewalk near my house, left over from the road repairs that finished a month or so ago. Every time a car rushes by and I happen to be walking past, I don’t know whether I should cover my nose and mouth, or my eyes. …

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A new pesto discovery to spread over these Shrimp and Mushroom Pizza!

‘Bilisan mo ah,’ My younger brother issues the same statement each and every time he accompanies me to the supermarket. And I respond, half-jokingly, ‘How dare you command your older sister to hurry up!’ We haven’t even started going around the place yet and here he is, telling me to grab and go as quickly as I …