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A different cookie for Santa this year with this Cherry, Chocolate, Almond Rugelach Recipe [VIDEO]

CCA Rugelach 1 1 - A different cookie for Santa this year with this Cherry, Chocolate, Almond Rugelach Recipe [VIDEO]

I was looking through my Christmas posts from previous years and was happy to note that I’ve managed to make at least one recipe each holiday season that wowed in some way. In the year 2011, I made these delicious and pretty Stained Glass Cookies that I need to repeat some time soon. Then 2012 had …

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A spooky to sweet Halloween transformation with #loveSnR

Ahh tis the season for fake fangs and candies! When I was a kid I always wondered what it was like to experience Halloween doing the whole shebang. The whole dressing up thing just to go trick or treating seemed so appealing at the time. While I eventually outgrew those fantasies there’s something I never …

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Happily going mad for these Candied Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

This whole candied bacon phenomenon continues to surprise me in the most pleasant ways. It started out with David Lebovitz teaching me the technique for turning these greasy strips of meat into glimmering mahogany jewels, then he instructed that they be added into ice cream. That was a pretty yummy discovery, but I must say …

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Matcha Macarons with Red Bean Filling + My Japan Travel Video!

21061601006 2f97085cf9 h 1 - Matcha Macarons with Red Bean Filling + My Japan Travel Video!

I feel like it’s been forever since I posted an actual recipe on this blog. My backlogs are officially out of control because I’ve been cooking and baking a lot but not posting too much recipes. But since my most recent series of travel diaries are officially done-ish, I think we can go back to …

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Fresh-from-the-garden mint and chocolate truffle cookies

How much of our lives are driven by fantasy? I’m not talking about delusions by the way. I’m referring to what most other people call hopes and dreams. With the popularity of Instagram feeds that make you go all I-want-that-life, to the even more impossibly lovely things you can come across on Pinterest, it’s almost …

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Bacon and Sweet Corn Ice Cream sandwiches anyone?

The most common question I get from all the aunties and uncles who are aware that I blog about recipes: ‘When are you opening a bakeshop?’ It’s not that I’ve never asked myself the same. Believe me when I say I pondered this question at great length especially when my blog began hitting its groove …

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Meet the Lemon Cookies of my dreams

I’m curious to know: how many people here actually like lemony baked goods? When I say that, I mean those that have the REAL lemon feels. As a huge lemon-pastry lover it’s important to me that when a certain pastry is heralded as “lemon”, the lemon flavour isn’t just an afterthought, or worse, merely for scenting up the pastry. …

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Amazing orange-chocolate cookies featuring Villa del Conte’s Chocolates

Have I introduced you to one of my new favourite cookies ever in the whole wide world? No? Well, here’s your chance to meet. These amazing chocolate chip cookies have three kinds of chocolate inside, PLUS essence of orange, PLUS sea salt. If you’ve been eating a lot of chocolate desserts (or just really good …