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My continuing struggles with pate a choux

If I ever wrote a baking memoir, there would be a whole 50-page chapter devoted to my roller coaster-like ride in learning the pate a choux. I had thought that the hard-fought success after my first gazillion trials would help me nail the eclair rather easily. Turns out there is more to it than knowing technique and what the …

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Dear Daddy Eclairs with divine Mocha Pastry Cream

I made these éclairs, and much like everything else that I make, with the intention of sharing it with my family so that they may enjoy it. Even though I make things for them all the time, there was a special occasion to be celebrated for one of the most important people in my life. …

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The very long and winding road to cream puffs

Oh boy. So I’ve been wanting to learn how to make pate a choux for a while, not because they are my favourites (although of course they are yummy too!) but I find the process of making them interesting. Everyone keeps saying making choux pastry is easy, and now that I have figured out how …