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Want your food/travel product or kitchen gadget to be featured on the blog? Perhaps you would like to sponsor a giveaway? Please read below:

  • On restaurant invites: Please note that I have a Monday to Saturday day-job, but on less busy days I manage to step out for a bit so it’s still worth a shot to e-mail me. It’s best to contact me at least a week before so I can work it into my schedule somehow. However I would prefer to be able to go on my own time, like on a Sunday. Please include in your e-mail some background details and a website link of your restaurant for my reference.
  • On product promotions/reviews: I take painstaking effort in coming up with my content, which is why I never post pre-written and ad-like copy (or even photos). If you want me to promote your product, you may send me samples. But keep in mind that in the end the decision of whether it makes it up on the blog is mine. If I had a good experience with and liked your product, I will have no qualms in praising it. If I don’t like your product, instead of bashing it, I will not write about it at all. Please understand this is my way of preserving the integrity of my blog.
  • On sponsorships/giveaways: In conjunction with reviews and promotions, I know some companies also like to provide readers with the chance to try their products out as well. Please do let me try your product first and I’ll get in touch for the giveaway if my experience is favourable. On the other hand, if you would like to sponsor my ingredients (which I would love!) please also give me a chance to try it out first if I am unfamiliar or not a user of your brand.



Brands: Coca-Cola, Villa del Conte Chocolates, Prima Taste Noodles, Delimondo Corned Beef, Rico Corn Rice, Doña Maria Rice, Minola Coconut Oil, San Marino Tuna, Holiday Ham, Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise, Nestle Coffee Mate, Nestle All Purpose Cream, Alaska Crema, Milkana Dairy, Danes Cheese Ball, Maya Hotcake MixBayani BrewKitchenAid Philippines, Oster Philippines, Breville PhilippinesDeLonghi Philippines, Deal Grocer, Hull & Stern Adventure Bag, ASUS Philippines, Huawei Mobile Philippines, Petron Gasul

Food-Related Establishments: SPIRAL at SofitelCIRCLES at Makati Shangri-laLI LI RESTAURANT at Hyatt, TWG TeaS&R Membership Shopping, Mister Donut PhilippinesCrystal Jade Dining InSM Mega Fashion Hall Food WokMcDonald’s, Uma Uma Ramen Philippines, XIU Fine Cantonese Dining, Namoo House Philippines

Travel-Related Organizations: Global Wow Korea/Korea Tourism Organization, Sapporo City Tourism Office

For business inquiries; and/or anything you may want to share, comment, suggest, or ask me, kindly e-mail me at clarisse [at] thetummytrain [dot] com, or use the contact form below. Please do note that I get quite a few e-mails in a day so I might not be able to respond right away. Please be patient as I am trying my best! 🙂