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A heavy case of wanderlust + Hull & Stern Adventure bag giveaway!

Hull Stern Me 1 - A heavy case of wanderlust + Hull & Stern Adventure bag giveaway!

The older I get, the more my soul calls for adventure.

My mind always has a tendency to wander, and in effect, I always have a case of wanderlust one way or another. But I’m not the type of person who jumps into something without preparation. There’s a difference between spontaneity and recklessness after all. I always have to have some idea of where I want to go and places I want to see in a specific location, and to help me remember them, I always lug around some sort of photography gear.

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One of the traveler’s greatest challenges, well, one of mine anyway, is how to bring all my essential stuff with me without having to worry about whether it’ll fit or if it’ll get wet or damaged. Apart from my camera and extra batteries and stuff, of course I also carry a bit of girl stuff with me. Then there’s my phone, and also a powerbank.

I also usually have an extra shirt in there if space allows; then I have a small notebook with a pen attached, along with my wallet. And let me tell you, I always get paranoid about my stuff. Will it get wet? Will it get dirty? Those kinds of things always cross my mind anywhere I go, but now I think I can get some measure of peace of mind, thanks to the Hull & Stern Adventure bag.

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This Hull & Stern Adventure bag is pretty versatile. It’s not just good for the beach, but you can also take it on any outdoor activity you choose, like camping or hiking, and you can be assured that your stuff will stay clean and dry. If you’re more of a frequent flyer, you can absolutely turn this into your carry-on bag for plane rides.

Made of strong IPx5 tarpaulin material, it can resist and repel water and other harsh elements, plus it doesn’t tear or get slashed easily. All you have to do is roll the top 3 times and lock to make sure all the content is secure, then sling it across your body and you’re off!

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Simply put, the Hull & Stern brand aims to be the adventurer’s companion. It doesn’t matter if you’re gallivanting through any of the Philippines’ 7,107 islands, or flying off to overseas destinations, I personally believe that the Hull & Stern Adventure bag could quite useful anytime, anywhere. And now you guys will get a chance to own one, because the awesome people at Hull & Stern are giving away one of their bags to ONE LUCKY WINNER!

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Planning a hiking trip to Pinatubo or Sagada? Pop your stuff inside the Hull & Stern Adventure bag to protect them from water or rain, mud or dust, and then keep the bag slung across your body to help you move more steadily. You can take this camping and it can even double as a pillow haha! No worries if it gets dirty since you just wipe with a cloth to clean. Easy right?

But maybe you’re more the type to plan a hiking trip of a different kind– one that’s filled with history and interesting monuments? I loved my visit to Angkor Wat and Bayon Temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The temples were old and so full of historical character that they really pushed me to imagine what life was like back when they stood in the height of their glory.

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But maybe you’re more of a beach person? This is a lovely bag to bring when you go to the beach, especially when you head towards your diving or swimming site. Sailing to an island? Put your camera and phone inside the bag and anything that splish-splashes into your boat will be repelled. I wouldn’t recommend taking it down with you in the water though! (You can actually even use it to store your wet clothes afterwards.)

When I went to Guimaras, I actually got my bag really wet after a round of island hopping. Luckily my gadgets were stored in a large pouch, which was about to get wet as well. I took it out right in the nick of time! The island was an absolute beauty though! It’s hard to mind all the small things (that almost became a big thing haha!) if you wake up everyday to a view like this:

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City slickers can also totally use this bag for walkabouts in the city. I remember spending so much time lugging heavy equipment around using a shoulder bag during my first visit to Japan that my shoulders were always sore by the end of the day. I didn’t want to leave my SLR because I knew that Japan would be an incredible place to take memorable photos. (I was right of course.)

Since the Hull & Stern Adventure bag is more like a backpack type of bag, it can help make carrying things around easier. The design is very minimalist so it shouldn’t be a problem to fashion-conscious people. And if you’re super paranoid about carrying stuff on your back then just put the bag in front. It’s just big enough not to feel bulky.

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If only I had this bag before I went to New York this would have been the one I used for the trip. It folds flat so it doesn’t take up luggage space (or you can keep it rolled up in its bag and squeeze it into a corner of your luggage), but when you take it out to use it, it can fit a lot of things. Plus I wouldn’t have had to worry about getting it wet during the frequent New York rains. This bag is going to be a mainstay in my luggage from now on. I can feel it.

So now that I have hopefully given you some wanderlust of your own, let’s get on with the giveaway!

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At the moment, the Hull & Stern Adventure Bag is available in 10L size and three colors: Sea Foam Green, Sea Salt Pink and North Star White. The other colour, Sail Away Blue, is out of stock for the 10L size but available in a smaller 5L form. Obviously my pic is North Star White, just because I looove how crisp and clean it looks. It looks very classy and much more expensive than the Php 750 it is actually priced at!

The winner gets to pick whichever colour he/she likes of course. So you guys ready? 🙂

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This giveaway is open to Philippine readers only, and you must have a Philippine shipping address in order to qualify. The instructions are really simple and are indicated in the Rafflecopter below. Contest ends on on July 8, 2016, Friday, 11:59PM, after which one lucky winner will be randomly selected. Good luck!

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[UPDATE] CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS! Please await my e-mail. Thank you to everyone who joined the giveaway and hope to see you all again in another one! 🙂

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  1. My next adventure is Surigao. I’d love to see Enchanted River in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. It’s my weakness. Not only image of an island getaway but it has a cool surf scene too! Can’t wait to explore the beauty of the Philippines.

  2. My next adventure would be in Calaguas, Cam.Norte. I love quiet places. I like to go there because the place is not yet exploited. Me and my barkada are also planning to go in Calalanay Island(if we still have time) which is also located in Cam.Norte #WhiteSandBeach #Barkada #Adventure

  3. I’d like to go on an adventure in Anawangin or Camara Island. Clear waters, majestic scenery, and fresh air, the only reason to have a great and memorable trip. ❤️

  4. I’m heading over to a weeklong Ilocos trip for my birthday. I can totally imagine myself strolling around the streets of Vigan and Laoag with a a sassy Hull & Stern bag! That would be uber dope.

  5. My next adventure is in Baler in October. I haven’t visited since March 2012, and I am excited to see the changes in Baler. I heard there are a lot of new hotels and restaurants in the area, which I want to try. Also, of course, I want to go surfing again!! 😉

  6. My next adventure is Sagada. I want to feel like im on top of the world and do some soul-searching. 🙂

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