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How to enjoy the #SarapNgFirst taste of the #PerfectCoke!

I don’t know about you but the older I grow the more I take value in experiences more than material things. I have come to realize that when you set out to do something or pack your bags to explore a place, you have to learn to truly experience it. Allow it to permeate not just your body but your spirit as well. Take it all in. Because life is too short, would it not be a great disservice to the self not to make the most out of every moment?

I think one of the brands that understands this rather profound concept is Coca-Cola. I’m not saying this because I’m writing a sponsored post, but if there’s one thing I’ve always admired about Coke it’s how they market themselves. They always focus on the experiences surrounding their product. Beyond the soda itself, they bring to the forefront abstract ideas like family bonding, friendship, love… Life.

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When Coca-Cola sent me this barrel cooler of Coke with the instructions on the lid on “How to enjoy the Perfect Coke” I thought, ‘Hmm. What the hey. Let’s see what this is about.’

The main goal of this campaign is to bring people back to the memory of their very first bottle of Coke. Like with most things, it seems like an experience is at its best when it’s the first time. Everything seems more amplified when they touch the senses for the first time. Kaya nga #SarapNgFirst! Diba?

So with that in mind, Coca-Cola has devised a process to help us replicate that feeling and help us enjoy the #PerfectCoke! The secret lies in chilling the Coke to 3 degrees, because this will help it arrive at its perfect state thanks to the fizz. It will be like tasting Coke for the first time all over again!

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I appreciate this awesome looking Coke cooler, but really any ordinary cooler will do for this purpose. Or you can just use your freezer! Step one is to fill a cooler with ice. (Or pop your Coke in the freezer!) Then put your Coke bottles inside.

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Leave the Coke to chill for a few minutes.

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Meanwhile, you can do your thang. Chill out in front of the TV or listen to music. Me, I did a bit of sketching and doodling.

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Finally when the Coke is ready take it out of the cooler or freezer. It’ll be all icy-cold and sweaty. Super refreshing! Now all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the #SarapNgFirst taste of the #PerfectCoke!

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How do you enjoy your #PerfectCoke? Share your photos or videos with Coca-Cola Philippines on Facebook and Instagram!

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