A Matcha Black Sesame Babka for the books

Call me a hopeless romantic, but I believe in the concept of “The One”. As for the process of discovering who that is, that’s where I’m left a bit clueless. Do you catch sight of each other in a crowded room and feel oddly drawn, your heart pounding faster as you near? Could it be someone you once knew, and when you meet again you realize there’s some strange electric chemistry you never noticed before?

The practical side of me is skeptical about these things, because it all sounds vague and hormonal– something that works better in movies rather than the real world– but the fantastical side of me loves these kinds of things. Funny, isn’t it?

Thankfully when it comes to food, picking “The One” isn’t all too complicated or controversial. Today you can feel strongly about a recipe or a dish, tomorrow your attention can shift, and nobody will give you flak about jumping from one to another! Such is the case of the recipe I’m writing about today.

I’ve made some pretty awesome babkas before and I can’t remember if I’ve ever declared any of them “The One”, but it must be good news when the recipes you make keep being better than the last. I hope it also means I’m getting better at filtering recipes as I read them.

In any case, this Matcha Black Sesame Babka recipe is “The One” at the moment. It is absolute perfection!
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I think I just found my new favourite pizza place in Mr Pizza PH

I’m shaking my head, bewildered at myself, wondering why it took me this long to pay a visit to Mr Pizza. Despite passing by its branches on several occasions, it was not on my radar at all. “Oh another pizza place,” I thought to myself.

Oh boy was I wrong. Never in my life have I ever felt so excited to go back to a pizza place. Until now.

I mean, how genius is it to incorporate Korean flavours into a decidedly Italian classic? Pizza, like pasta, is something you can adapt with almost any ingredient, but the challenge becomes whether or not you can do it right. And this– this is fusion done right methinks. And it brings two things I really like (as in pizza and Korean cuisine) together, like magic!

You can pick whether you want an egg tart crust or a cream cheese crust and so on, and then proceed with choosing toppings, like bulgogi or a seafood combo topping. They have a lot of interesting flavours on their menu! All the pizzas are in the 300 to 500 peso range, which is fair in my opinion. We ordered only one pizza, but I thought it was so good I had to write about it no matter how quickly!

I do love me some pizza, but because I am quite conscious about my food intake my pizza consumption has been at an all-time low in recent years. Which is why it’s a huge deal when I say I would gladly eat like four, five slices of this Dakgalbi Pizza from Mr Pizza.

This pizza is a combination of spicy chicken (dak galbi) with sweet potatoes and pepper, nestled in oozing cheese. That brown sauce you see is actually teriyaki, and there’s kimchi there are as well. It was flavourful enough I was glad we went for just a classic crust!
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Let’s make Matcha Chocolate Chip Cookies for a change!

Every time I’m writing about choco chip cookies it feels like déjà vu. I mean, how many versions have I made really? Each one of them has been scrumptious and addictive though, and this one is no different. I think I’ve pretty much figured out, just from reading a recipe, whether or not a choco chip cookie was going to be a hit or a flop.

Let’s just say I was a bit upset when all the cookies from this batch were consumed.

These cookies are dangerous. They’re addictive as choco chip cookies should be, and the thing is since they are more on the chewy side, they really tickle my fancy.

I do like chewy choco chip cookies more than the fully crispy version. I like it when they’re hard all around but soft at the heart (err… like me?), and these ones I find harden quite a bit into this crisp shell once fully cooled, but once you bite into you will still find a lovely chewy centre.
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Ooey gooey Creamy Calamansi Crumb Bars

My friend Gilbert was telling me how he felt like a pig being slow-roasted under this Philippine summer heat. It’s no joke. After coming back from a cold 5-degree South Korean spring weather last March, the heat was more apparent than ever. I’m sitting in the office in front of my computer and the air-conditioning doesn’t even feel relevant. You don’t even have to move to sweat anymore!

Not even these bars manage to escape the heat wave. It’s frustrating how they don’t hold their shape at room temperature for too long because it’s sooooooo effing hot. My brother took it to school as a snack and when he opened the container during his break it was like a puddle of oats and thick cream.

Nonetheless it was delicious, according to his classmates who also decided to serve themselves from the puddle. Well at least that’s something right?
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