Kicking off the holiday cooking mania with KitchenAid

It’s that time of the year again! As early as now, I’m pretty sure a lot of people are already planning out their Christmas spread for this party or that. What dish do I bring to the potluck? Do I go with a savoury dish or a sweet dessert? Seems like the typical problem for anybody who likes to actually cook their own holiday feasts. So how about some ideas?

Today I’m going to share some KitchenAid Holiday Cooking Recipes that I learned when I was invited to their hands-on workshop last week. This workshop was held in Living Well Podium, where I was surprised to find a fairly spacious demo kitchen in their mezzanine. It had everything from stainless steel worktables, drawers teeming with all sorts of bakeware and cookware, a regular plus a large industrial oven, and of course there was a sink and a stovetop too. Pretty impressive!

Can you count how many KitchenAid mixers there are in this space? I realize the mixers on our worktables are the same as the model I have at home, but I can’t help lusting after the KitchenAid Artisan models tucked away by the fridge. So many pretty colours! Actually, every shiny KitchenAid appliance and bakeware here made me drool! I was really excited to get to use the ones I’ve never tried before. This was my first time attending a KitchenAid cooking workshop too so I was quite excited!

Once majority of the participants arrived, we started prepping for what was going to be an afternoon filled with delicious food, created with our own labours of love!
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Happily going mad for these Candied Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

This whole candied bacon phenomenon continues to surprise me in the most pleasant ways. It started out with David Lebovitz teaching me the technique for turning these greasy strips of meat into glimmering mahogany jewels, then he instructed that they be added into ice cream. That was a pretty yummy discovery, but I must say putting the candied bacon in chocolate chip cookies is even better!

In previous years, if you were to make me choose between an ice cream or a cookie, there’s a 90% chance I would go with ice cream. I guess you could say I used to under-appreciate cookies quite a bit. But since I started this blog, I have made a slew of amazing cookie recipes (you can check out the choco chip ones in the “related posts” boxes below) that have definitely changed my feelings. Suddenly the choice isn’t quite as simple. Today at least, I am without a doubt choosing the cookie.

I would gladly put myself under a landslide of these Candied Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies.
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A little #loveSnR wishlist for my future dream home!

It’s been a while since I’ve made a wishlist of this kind, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped listing and wishing for things that I want to become part of my future dream kitchen and home. When I found out that S&R rolled out its September “healthy deals”, I had to check it out because the bargain-hunter in me springs alive in these kinds of moment. Take a look at my Top 5 must-haves from their promo items!

  1. Keurig Coffee Maker (now just Php 11,859.95) — What is a good day without a good cup of joe? Whenever I don’t get my coffee fix, I always feel like something is missing in my day. Do you ever get that feeling? Anyway, Keurig is an American brand that specializes on coffee machines so I really doubt you’ll go wrong with this one.
  2. Simple Touch Steamer (now just Php 2,349.95) — I personally believe a steamer is one of the most useful things to have at home. Most people associate this appliance with steaming pork buns or siopao and other frozen dimsum, but here at home we also use it for reheating leftovers. It certainly trumps the radiation box that is the microwave. The steamer never leaves our countertop!
  3. Simple Touch Blender (now just Php 2,399.95) — A blender is a formidable tool. You can use it to make soups, smoothies, shakes, juices, and even marinades and sauces for cooking. Most importantly, you can use it to make the amazing spicy peanut sauce for these noodles!
  4. Simple Touch Air Cooker (now just Php 7,695.95) — The healthy revolution is in full swing and a product of that are these air cookers or fryers that seem to be everywhere these days. It’s an appliance that allows you to produce fried dishes like fries and chicken with considerably less oil than traditional frying. Despite the fact that I bake a lot, my family and I are actually a fairly health-conscious bunch.
  5. Samsung 50-inch TV (now just Php 46,899.95) — One of my favourite pastimes is watching cooking shows on either YouTube or on the TV. If you had a TV this big can you imagine how much salivating will occur when Nigella, Jamie, and Gordon whip up their super yummy dishes on a super-sized screen? What about when Anthony Bourdain goes on his adventure around the world eating all sorts of amazing food? I’m not even sure if I can handle it haha! Now if only someone would invent a TV where you can actually reach in and take the food!

Those are just five things out of the many of S&R’s healthy deals, which you can check out on their Facebook page! The moment you step into any S&R branch, it’s pretty easy to just get lost among the shelves and browse row after row after row.

My favourite thing about S&R is the variety of items it has in-store. When I’m in there I always keep my eyes peeled for baking ingredients and chocolate or candies, because more often than not S&R has items I haven’t seen in any of the other local grocery stores. (Just to give you an idea, you can check out the Christmas hauling I did last year at S&R!) It’s like every time I come here they’re offering something new and different, and that’s just one of the things that makes it easy to #loveSnR!

Full disclosure: This post is sponsored by S&R Membership Shopping but all opinions stated above are my own. 

My favourite and recommended Japanese snacks, for now!

One of the things I LOVE about Japan is its food, and that really does include their packaged snacks, which you can buy from every konbini in every street corner. Honestly, hauling snacks has never been as fun as when I did it Japan. They have all sorts of interesting and curious-looking things there, and by my experience, even if I can’t read the Japanese names on the food packages (though the Chinese words do provide clues to me) I haven’t eaten anything that I disliked.

It’s taken me quite some time to put this together because we kind of went through the stash slowly, but I definitely know which from the snacks below are going back into my shopping basket on my next return to Japan. My favourites will be highlighted in bold. And by the way, tourists do get a tax discount of 8% for purchases made over ¥10,000, so I really would suggest stocking up. 😉

Let’s start with the pile that really gets my heart aflutter, namely the Matcha goodies!

Most of the items above were purchased from Family Mart (which is everywhere in Nippon) as well as Le Edo in Odaiba’s AquaCity. Now the thing I really like about Japanese snack packaging is that the picture of the food on the pack is pretty much the exact same thing you’ll find inside. Kind of alleviates the worries of non-Kanji readers huh?
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