A happy birthday Matcha Green Tea Souffle Recipe

It’s my birthday in a few days and oddly enough I feel just a bit less ambivalent about it compared to the last few years. I don’t tend to make a big deal out of stuff like this, but because it’s going to be my first year post quarter-life it seemed appropriate to write something.

I’m taking some time off this weekend from working on the blog as a little gift to myself, so I’m dropping by to post a little earlier. But of course I’m not posting here empty-handed in the recipes department. I didn’t want to exhaust myself on my birthday by making some grand old cake, so this year I made a simple Matcha Green Tea Souffle instead in advance.

This souffle was also a request made by my co-celebrator: my younger brother born on the same day 5 years later. (What are the odds, right?) My brother and I were like mortal enemies when we were small, but now that we’re older I must admit he’s the one I’m closest to among my siblings. You should’ve seen us back then! It’s the strangest of things how our relationship morphed, but it helps that we discovered we have a lot of things in common after all, including a love for matcha that made this Matcha Green Tea Souffle crave-worthy for us.
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Healthy eating in style at Green Pastures BGC

Green Pastures is a farm-to-table restaurant put up by Chef Robby Goco of Cyma fame. Its first branch has been in existence since 2013, but this is the first time I’ve managed to visit their newer BGC branch. The main selling point of Green Pastures is that it serves organic food. They make all their dishes from scratch and don’t use any bad-for-your-health additives either.

Having met Chef Goco in an event before, I also know he is an advocate of locally sourcing ingredients to support our local farmers. That aside, knowing where your ingredients come from gives you a certain reassurance when it comes to quality, and Chef Goco has shared that he personally visits certain farms so it’s safe to assume he knows who the farmers are as well.

And if that wasn’t enough proof, you’ll also find quite a collection of local coffee from different parts of the Philippines here.

Reviews all over the web give me the impression that this place is actually well-received by the vegetarian and vegan community. Despite being neither, eating at places like this excite me! I find that it’s always a great challenge to present healthy food in a tasty way, and Chef Goco took the challenge head on.

Here at Green Pastures, the food is simply wholesome deliciousness. You’ll definitely feel like you’re feeding your body with only good things, but without sacrificing any flavour whatsoever.
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A quick stop at Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen to satisfy cravings

Some time late last year, I got to eat at Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen for the first time. I know, I know… What the heck kind of foodie am I, that I’m always so late at trying these popular places out? Well I don’t tend to go out much so that’s actually one of my resolutions this year haha!

In any case, it’s nice to finally get a taste of what everyone keeps raving about. When the subject of UP Town Center gets brought up, I always get asked about my opinion on Mama Lou’s and I always have no answer. Finally, I manage to give it a go.

Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen isn’t new by any means, since it first opened years ago in BF International Las Piñas. It seems to have become way more popular though, now that it has opened branches in more mainstream malls.

Typically, getting a table at an early dinner hour isn’t hard for us, but when we got to Mama Lou’s the small space they had in UP Town Center was packed. We had no choice but to sit outside, where luckily it was nice and breezy. I took it as a good sign though, and maybe some of these customers were having a late merienda since Mama Lou’s serves pizza after all.

We weren’t feeling particularly hungry so we just ordered a few dishes to share, and as with most Italian restaurants these days, you get some free crusty warm bread with dips. For people who weren’t that hungry, we had two baskets of the bread as we waited for our food to arrive!
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Finding new favourites with these Sweet & Salty Chocolate Chip Cookies [VIDEO]

If you like chocolate chip cookies as much as I do, then you probably have at some point in your life tried to make them. They’re like the basic of the most basic of all baking recipes, and even non-bakers have probably found success in making them. But I swear, it doesn’t get any easier than these Sweet & Salty Chocolate Chip Cookies.

There are so many versions of Choco Chip Cookies across the interwebs, and many of them will have you refrigerating the dough. And while that trick does quite a number on your cookies and turn them into amazing little things, there are recipes that are as good but don’t require too many “rituals”, if you will. These Sweet and Salty Chocolate Chip Cookies is one of them.

I know that adding salt to choco chip cookies is basically a requirement now, but the salty part in these cookies mostly comes from the potato chips and the pretzels you add into the cookie dough. That’s right– POTATO CHIPS and PRETZELS.

First step, you go and find the saltiest ridged potato chips that you know (sea salt flavour works too), because the surface of those chips give the cookies a nice look once baked. Don’t crush ’em too much! The same goes for the pretzels. Then you just add the semisweet chocolate chips, and you’ll have that perfect mix of sweet and salty that just brings this to ultimate enjoyment levels!

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