Is the Huawei P9’s dual-lens camera worthy of the hype?


It’s clear that Huawei want to be remembered alongside the best high-end phones in the market with the release of the Huawei P9. Everything from the phone’s classy and polished look down to the way it’s being marketed points to that. And yet, does it really do as well as the Samsungs and the Apples?

We all put value on our smartphones in different ways, but speaking from a blogger and photography enthusiast’s standpoint, camera capability is one of the most important considerations to me when buying a phone. Since the biggest selling point of this phone is its dual camera technology, I was expecting for me and the Huawei P9 to get along right off the bat.

This review will revolve around how I’ve been using the Huawei P9 as a blogger, so a big chunk will be devoted to the camera. I’ve been using the Huawei P9 for over a month now as my secondary phone, but I’ve been using it exclusively to shoot photos and for social media stuff for the blog. In fact, here’s a really good example of what I’ve been up to with this phone: Vietnamese Spring Rolls, anyone? 🙂

All the sample images taken with the Huawei P9 that I’ll be showing in this post are unedited, and I hope they can give you enough of an idea to make your own conclusions. But first, let’s take a general look at the phone itself, which is definitely a thing of beauty.
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The pleasures of making a Matcha-Milk Tangzhong Bread [VIDEO]


I don’t have any life-story to share with you today; only the story of the ridiculous bouts of indecision I’ve been going through when it came to sharing this Matcha-Milk Tangzhong Bread post.

See, I filmed me making this a while back and when I transferred it to my computer and watched the footage it didn’t quite look as good as I anticipated. It was dark and the angles felt all wonky. So I kept putting it off and putting it off until I started filming my recipe videos at an area of the house that has better lighting.

And as you all know, with cameras better lighting always means better images and videos. So I kind of felt like putting this out now would seem kind of strange. There’s definitely a noticeable difference, mostly to me since I’m the one producing this.

On the other hand, I really wanted to put up a video about tangzhong bread on my blog. What the heck is a tangzhong bread anyway? It’s actually that super-soft bread from Asian bakeries, and it’s made using a water roux which I will be showing you in the video below. It’s a genius but simple method that creates crazy soft bread that I adore.

I’ve wanted to share a video like this for a while now but hadn’t had the time to film a new one. Considering the fact that this Matcha-Milk Tangzhong Bread is THE BOMB, I decided that putting it up it wouldn’t be so bad ultimately. Just bear with me on this older video for now. 🙂
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A mighty fine Australian meal at Bondi & Bourke BGC


When I visited Australia way back when, I was too young to think about what it meant to truly experience being in another country. What I do remember is getting so drenched in Movieworld I almost wasn’t able to ride the bus with my wet clothes. Oh, and my first encounter with the autumn season!

Lately I’ve been thinking about going back since I’m now at an age where I appreciate pretty much all things in a different way, and apart from the sights I really want to visit Australia again for the food. (Any restaurant suggestions are welcome!)

Australian cuisine wasn’t something that I found to be easily accessible here, and I always thought I needed to go back to Australia just to give myself a better understanding of what it’s really about. So the recent attention to Australian cuisine here in Manila couldn’t have come at a better time. I get to have my fix without the need to hop on a plane, and my first stop is none other than the posh and very well-regarded Bondi & Bourke.

I know Bondi & Bourke has been open long enough to have a second branch (the one in BGC, where we dined), but this is the first time I’m getting to try it. Despite my love for blogging about food, I don’t actually get to eat out often– once a week is the usual number and twice would be plenty. Living relatively far from the food hubs (both QC and Makati/BGC) doesn’t help things either. So if you’ve ever found yourself wondering why I always seem to be late to the party, that’s your answer. 😀

I’m happy to say that this is one of those instances when the phrase ‘better late than never’ is appropriate, because after just one meal here at Bondi & Bourke I finally have a new entry to my favourite restaurants list. It’s been a while! Thank goodness the hype didn’t get ahead of itself this time.
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Beautiful plates at Palate Restaurant Uptown BGC


Palate Restaurant is an upscale place, and you can feel it the moment you enter its doors. I don’t even want to call it fine dining, because everything we ate here was plated in a way that I could only refer to as “art”. Just absolutely stunning! But nothing is ever too stunning to eat haha! Anyway, I wanted to point out this obvious fact before I start this review just so we can all be on the same page.

I’m not used to eating at fine-dining establishments at all, but sometimes it’s nice to allow some refinement into your life eh?

The interior of Palate Restaurant is clean and minimalistic, making it very easy on the eyes. There will be a pop of colour here and there in the form of paintings, and I thought having a shelf of assorted liquor against the white walls made it doubled as decor as well.

Palate Restaurant is one of the many foodgasmic spots popping up in Uptown Parade, but this restaurant has the distinction of being run by Chef Kaye Torres; a chef who has been trained in places like Paris and New York. (And no I have not met her personally.) Her pedigree is evident with the way she presents her dishes actually, and she makes sure to incorporate local and international elements to each item on her menu.

Instead of riding the food trends, Chef Kaye Torres wants to make her own mark. Her goal? Create dishes with a story of flavours, making each dish a sort of journey to travel through the moment it hits your palate.

Really. Big. Words. But are her dishes really as good as advertised?
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